Printers can be some of the best devices to salvage components from. Not only do they have some nice motors - some even have stepper motors - they also contain plenty of useful electronics. Some newer ones even contain microcontrollers and LCD screens. For instance, a multi-function deskjet was recently found to have a nice color 320x240 LCD screen, and a PIC16 microcontroller just begging to be reappropriated.

You should take care when dismantling a printer - it can be a very messy job. Laser printers are full of toner, which gets everywhere. Ink jets have absorbant pads in them to collect waste ink. The cleanest ones to work on have to be dot matrix.

For the easiest and most salvageable components you want to focus on the older printers. Old inkjets, dot matrix - even daisy wheel printers if you can get hold of them, have the best components.

related source: IJSS pitney bowes 793-5 red ink cartridge

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