The component you have is probably one of:


Usually a tiny rectangular chip with a couple of numbers printed on it. The chip is usually black, with white numbers. The numbers represent the resistance. There is usually either three or four digits. All but the last digit are the base value of the resistance, with the final digit being the number of zeros. For example, the number 102 is a 1KΩ resistor, made up from 10 and two zeros (1000). The number 684 is 680KΩ, 68 followed by 4 zeros.

Ceramic CapacitorEdit

These can be the hardest to identify exactly what they are. They are usually a small rectangular chip with no markings. The colour of the chip can give some indication of the capacitance, but it's hard to know what it is. From observations, the darker the colour, the larger the capacitanc.