Here are some of the most common tools used in salvaging parts:

  • Soldering iron (come in many varieties both electric and butane)
  • Flux (good for allowing solder to spread)
  • Desoldering braid ( used to wick solder away from component terminals, extremely useful)
  • Wire cutters (great for cutting excess wires or cutting leads at the board)
  • Small screwdriver set (alot of salvaging includes taking out screws to remove parts)
  • Solder sucker/Desoldering bulb (for removing solder for removal of through hole components)

Here are some things that can be used as alternative methods of desoldering:

  • Small toaster oven (good for wiping entire boards at once)
  • Hot air gun or pen (useful in removal of small smd parts)
  • Blow torch ( can be crudely used to melt solder quickly on the backside of large terminals on things such as transformers,heatsinks etc)